Myth and Legend are the main trustworthy beacons in the land of Barastir whose millennia of recorded history, if it was even recorded in the first place, lies buried beneath eons of creeping frost.

A long and broad strip of absolute cold, known as "the Glass" surrounds the whole world like a belt, splitting it in half since "the Great Plunge", some 7000 years ago, when the last kingdoms plummeted to disarray and became completely dissolved into petty, broken and feeble individual keeps, castles and holdings – utterly devoid of an interconnected central political structure. Autonomy and individualism for some, fabricated traditionalism for others, along with delusions of grandeur and eschatology, are the currents in the now sporadic trading settlements and nomadic cultures of Barastir – the "world beneath the stars" in the Golagondish tongue – commonly used everywhere.

Beyond the Glass, no one knows what lies, if anything at all.

The Glass and all that it brings, seems to move and spread rapidly within the last ten years, threatening to swallow everything very soon. Entire villages and towns were stricken by the forces of nature, leading to waves of climate refugees abandoning their homes to save themselves and their families. Only the vast nation of the noble Golagond, those who the humans and elves arrogantly dubbed "orcs" in mockery and jealousy of their advanced collective mind, still maintain the whole of their arts and technology, adapting to the ever changing terrain and seeking answers, while the few elitist elves that remain, flee to the lofty peaks and the ancient Atranaar ruins of the two continents within Barastir, proclaiming themselves true re-incarnations of the old sleeping gods, followed by the even fewer humans who seek to find their new path in the cosmos now that their own empires are lost. The Faerie – Dwarves, Gnomes, Trolls, Giants and other beings of nature – keeping equal distance between Elves and Golagond, retreat to forests and mountains and the deep caverns of the underground, forever keeping to the oral tradition of their old instinctual ways. 

During each long day, each long night, and each long "greylight" that connects them, the Myths and Legends about the Glass deepen and multiply and Niamythlond, the Heirophant of the Triangular Sun, preaches of the coming of those who will breach the unbreachable, cross the uncrossable, explore the unexplorable, reach beyond the unforgiving Glass,

and return to tell the tale.

Ontrothon - Saga of the Frozen Glass

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