- Origin deities of the Golagonds

Ahraaserah  – the mother thought & Mehattefar – the eternal pyre

These two are the leading Matron/Patron deities of the Golagond nation.

Ahraaserah is usually associated with the untraceable birth of thought and knowledge and symbolized by the three suns of Barastir. Huol, Veth and Ohxr.

She is the edges of the triangle.

Mehattefar presides over passion. Passion for life, death, exploration, passion for another. He is associated with flames and pyres and symbolized through the burning triangle of the Greylight.

He is the sides of the triangle.

-Old Gods

Aran – Herald of Conquest

Master and lordess of armies and battles, the old godess Aran has dominion on war and the capturing of lands. Once She was a half elf warlord, cast away from the Atranaar as a "bastard". Myth has is that She rose to godhood, leading human armies against everyone, right before the Great Plunge. She is greatly worshipped by "the hammers of Harraam". Her shrines are usually found near ancient and forgotten battle fields.

Ashthu – Empress of Death and Rebirth

Ashthu is the absolute regulator of life and death. Not only in the moment that these will arrive but also in how they are perceived. Once mortal queen of the Movaru, a race of humans with dark skin – the first human race to ever be recorded in Barastir – she rose to godhood electing to die at the age of sixteen seeing a vision of her true divine calling. She was then reborn as a goddess by the cosmos itself. Her shrines are everywhere and have the form of large baskets filled with bones, fruit, and hairlocks from newborns.

Bariel – Keeper of Birds and flying creatures

Lord Bariel is the spirit of flight and wings. It has dominion and stewardship on any flying creature. Its origins are unknown – some say it is the result of godmagick when the old gods merged the souls of a king of dragons, a lord of sparrows and a queen of ravens. Most flying creatures worship Bariel, and they built shrines on high aeries, on mountains and tall hills.

Dorahil – The Lord of Frost

Dorahil was once a great Giant of frost, myth says, but after the coming of the Glass, he rose from beneath the ice and claimed dominion on the elements that summoned him. He is greatly cherished and feared by settlements near the Glass, and scholastically worshiped by cults like the Twisted Rune and hated by the order of "the hammers of Harraam". He has no shrines, but many hidden temples.

Elel – Mistress of Cats

Elel, is a very popular deity. She is the embodiment of hestianic warmth, symbolized through cats. And thus She also has a feral side. She is the mother of all felines and presides over the spectrum where grace meets power. No shrines are made for her in cities or keeps, but it is common practice to gift cat statues to one another on various occasions in her name, for good luck.

Gimladen – Master of Dreams

The great lord Gimladen is the ruler of dreams and dreamscapes. He was once an archmage of unfathomable power. Myth has it that his magick was so vast and true that in his desire to live forever, he weaved a whole parallel dimension of existence, all throughout the cosmos. The dimension we now call "Dreams".

Many beings pray to him before sleep and after they wake, asking favors and giving thanks respectively, to the small shrines they build on bedside tables. "The blessing of Gimladen" is a state where the gifted or afflicted would remain in catatonic stasis until death, sometimes even without need for nourishment. Rumor has it that a faerie settlement has managed to harness some of Gimladen's dormant magic to remain eternally young through magical dreaming.

Iblys – Goddess of magical nature

Iblys awoke from the Void, in the Void and at the same time, before the Void, filling the Void.

Before magick, the cosmos was a dull husk of cause and effect. Motionless and full of limits. Iblys brought substance and meaning to the Void, defining that magick, and that every spell, is not just a collection of tricks and fruitless conjurations, but an active reenactment of the moment of her birth, of the moment where existence was given a soul.

She is worshiped everywhere and by all cultures, in reverence and respect. Her wayshrines are usually illuminated stone pillars with magical inscriptions and prayers.

Sareul – Master of Swords

Swordmaster Sareul is a true mystery. It is said that he was once a self exiled demon king that walked the lands teaching mortals the ways of the blade. Some say in order to deceive and drive them into violence and other say in order to weaponize them against their true oppressors.

He is regarded as the spirit of violence and some mortals worship him exactly because of his portfolio, in lust for causing pain, while others pray to him for the ability to fight back and rebel.

His wayshrines are old swords, plunged in the ground.

Uman – the Skylord

Uman is the first nebula of clouds that the Cosmos grasped. He came to being in the dawn of time, forever observing the ways of the stars and running amongst them. He is a just deity, balanced but somewhat detached from the lands he observes from a divine distance.

His wayshrines are great bronze bowls, filled with rainwater.


-Demi Deities

Lady Nicnevin – Queen of hidden paths

The lady Nicnevin is a mystic, a sorcerer of unknown origin. Not malicious but not caring. Neither sweet nor bitter, She drives free spirits into wondrous paths that are grand yet perilous.

The petrified forked tongue of a serpent is her token.


The Archangel Solarian – Champion of the Solar Discs

The Archangel Solarian is the firstborn of the first order of celestian beings, the Falak Kamra. It is a being of pure radiance and glorious warmth. It governs the runrays, seeking to illuminate even the darkest crevices of existence. It was dubbed "Spectral Father – The Feather That Felt" by three companions that legend says, freed It from the Chains of Suffering.


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